Why Doesn’t Coffee Wake Me Up -The Reason Behind And Solution

Having a cup of coffee can give you a burst of energy. It stimulates the central nervous system and vitalizes your body and mind. Many believe that coffee acts like a catalyst, a fuel to keep you going during day time. 

It does play a role in vivifying your work process. Although there are straight-up benefits, there are exceptions as well. Some people have the common question, why doesn’t coffee wake me up? The simple answer could be because you are immune to caffeine.

It’s a debatable topic. Some people feel the jolt and are energetic after consuming caffeine. Whereas some might go through the opposite phase and might feel drowsy. Today we are here to discuss some of the reasons why caffeine is not your go-to booster.

Those who wake up after having coffee

Those who wake up after having coffee

Coffee is not a magic potion. There are reasons why these beans can wake up some people instantly. First of all, it all plays inside your brain. The Adenosine receptors in your brain do the trick. Adenosine compound can be found in a human brain naturally and it builds up a part of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA). When fully formed, adenosine connects to the receptors and causes sleepiness by dilating the blood vessels and slowing down the nerve cells. 

Once you consume coffee, the caffeine works as the receptors but it doesn’t slow down your nerve cells. Therefore, the blood vessels constrict and nerve cells are fired at a faster rate due to the presence of caffeine, giving people an adrenaline rush.

Other Ways To Wake Up When Coffee Doesn’t Work Properly

Other Ways To Wake Up When Coffee Doesn’t Work Properly

If you desire to keep your eyes open and see that coffee is not working at all, you can opt for some alternatives. Let’s take a look.

Chewing gums 

Gums have a higher concentration level and it works out your jaws and gives you an energy boost.

Eat apples 

They have a high fructose level that should give your body a certain kind of boost.

Drink plenty of water 

Dehydration tires the body. When you drink water and keep yourself hydrated you get the proper nourishment needed to energise you.

Consume Matcha tea

Matcha tea has L-Theanine and amino acid that enhances your bodily function and improves alertness.

Have Chicory roots

 It consists of antioxidants that will surely make you feel better. Chicory root tea is known as a good alternative to coffee. 

Keep your ears working

Listen to music, talk to your buddies, hear audiobooks, surf through the entertainment section, news, and games. Keep your brain hooked to something. This should help.

Coffee sleeper

Do light exercise

 Some basic stretching and yoga movements during the morning period will enhance oxygen cells to the brain which should provide you with energy to continue the day’s work.

Use modulated alarm clocks 

You can find light alarm clocks that work like sunlight. It won’t disturb your ears but will give your eyes the cue that it’s time to wake up.

Why doesn’t coffee energize me?

If caffeine doesn’t make you active, there could be many reasons behind it. Let’s figure out the causes.

The way your coffee is prepared 

If you are someone who digs espresso shots but ends up trying a mocha for the morning kick, it might not play out well. The thing is you might need a change in your espresso dose as well. Try doubling your espresso shots. Robusta coffee beans are more active than Arabica beans, you should also keep this in mind.

Extreme tiredness 

Sometimes all you need is a nap and not a cup of coffee. If your body and mind are tired from overworking, you should not go for excessive coffee intake. Once the adenosine is settled during the nighttime, having coffee might not cause any difference.


Every person has a type of caffeine metabolizer. Some are sensitive to caffeine and some are not. So even if you drink a gallon of coffee and your genes are fast. Caffeine will not work on you no matter what.

Adding too much sugar 

 Coffee works best without sugar. Since there are options, people end up adding sweeteners harming their bodies through sugar crashes. 


 Caffeine is a diuretic substance. It will remove water from your body and make you dehydrated. Due to the inadequate amount of water in the body, you tend to lose energy. 


We get used to certain things and our body acts on them in different ways. Suppose you are a regular caffeine lover. Your body will start to get used to it with time and therefore the waking effect might not work anymore.

How to reduce caffeine tolerance?

If you are immune to caffeine, you might need to reduce your caffeine tolerance to shift towards a more natural state. You can do it by some following steps.

Limit coffee intake

A simple way to do it is to curb the daily intake. Just cut down the amount of coffee you consume regularly. Let the energy in your body come to a balanced state. Try to stop consuming coffee for a week or two. You will certainly notice a difference next time you sit with a cup of espresso.

You should also limit the amount of caffeine in your drink. Try single shots of espressos rather than double or triple. Add skimmed milk, whipped creams in your mocha or latte to reduce the caffeine effect.

Try out alternatives

Try out mint tea, listen to music, work more, exercise your body, keep yourself active. Although nothing can overpower coffee, alternatives are a good way to lower your caffeine tolerance.

Drink it fast

Sometimes all you need to do is drink your morning shot faster than you would regularly drink it. Caffeine is easily absorbent. So taking time will let it sit for a longer period and work in a slower process. It takes about 45 minutes for all of the compounds to be absorbed in your system. So we prefer you make it fast to counter the effects.

Can Coffee Make You Tired? 

Can Coffee Make You Tired

Yes, it can make you tired. Previously we have said that caffeine works as receptors to the adenosine compound tricking them to counter drowsiness, which is true. But once the body fully metabolises the caffeine the neutralizing of adenosine stops and the compound starts to build up again and can make you tired. 

Final thoughts: why doesn’t coffee wake me up?

So, next time if anyone asks you why doesn’t coffee wake me up? You will be able to put justifiable reasoning to answer them if you have read through this writeup. Caffeine is an effective compound to energise a human being. People usually love a cup of coffee before starting their day, but it doesn’t work the same way for everyone. If it doesn’t wake you up, don’t be disheartened. This is not the end of the world. On the flip side, you can always follow a different routine and opt for substitutes. 

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